Frank’s construction manual for a wood-burning pizza oven - Wood burning loam bread oven - Build oven dome

Franks wood-burning pizza oven


How do I build my own wood-burning baking-oven? How can I make an oven using natural building material? How do I get started baking my own homemade pizza or bread?

If you have a desire to build a wood-burning oven I have documented the steps to construct one like mine using loam material. Having a plan can make a difficult project much easier. This stone oven is wood-fired and allows you to make bread and pizza that is unique and rustic. The oven can also be used to bake bagels and cakes as well as baked pasta, meat dishes, chicken or suckling-pig - great for a garden party or barbecue.
Impress your friends with your extraordinary wood fire baked dishes.

small baking house
small baking house
pizza oven fire
pizza oven

I built the pizza oven in 2001. The oven was built in a traditional style using completely natural materials. The oven consists of a molded dome made of loam. Loam is an ideal material for this purpose. Before baking, the oven is preheated for 2 hours with wood. For my family and me real Italian style pizza is the very best! After baking pizza the oven remains hot enough to bake delicious homemade bread without adding additional wood.
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The Perfect Italian Pizza
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